SVS’s New Subwoofer Adapter Converts Speaker Outputs to Line-Level

Most of us are well aware of the many excellent speakers and subwoofers SVS makes but tend to forget about the formidable line of cables and accessories the company offers under the SoundPath label.

SVS today expanded its accessories lineup with the compact SoundPath Speaker Level Subwoofer Adapter ($80), which converts speaker-level signals to line-level, enabling owners of legacy stereo receivers and integrated amplifiers that have only speaker outputs to make a low-voltage line-level connection to a powered subwoofer without sacrificing fidelity.

Measuring 1.5 x 4 x 4 inches, the adapter uses narrow-tolerance resistors and wide-trace PCBs to reduce, or “step down,” the higher voltage required to drive speakers to a low-voltage line-level signal; the design is said to yield wide bandwidth and low distortion to ensure a clean signal transfer. The device has a rated to bandwidth of 10 Hz-80 kHz (±0.01 dB).

The adapter also features corrosion-proof 24K-gold plating on its RCA outputs and binding-post style inputs, the latter of which accommodate bare wire hookups as well as spade and banana connectors.

Calling the new subwoofer adapter a problem solver, SVS president Gary Yacoubian said, “Vintage audio gear is experiencing a comeback and we’ve seen a big uptick in demand for people wanting to connect SVS subwoofers to legacy components. We went through an incredibly rigorous design process to ensure performance will exceed the expectations of discerning audiophiles and hi-fi enthusiasts.”

For more information on the SoundPath Speaker Level Subwoofer Adapter and other SVS accessories, visit .

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The product is good and quite useful for legacy applications, but can’t S&V mention how exactly the speakers will be connected? Directly or from the Sub? Most subs these days don’t have speaker outs and filters for that purpose.