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Even the hungriest of Hutts will be satisfied when Boba-Fettucine, Amidala Challah, and Qui-Gon Jinn-ger Snaps are on the menu. All can be found in the Star Wars Cookbook: Wookiee Cookies and Other Galactic Recipes (Chronicle Books, $16) - which, in the Star Wars tradition, has already spawned a sequel: Star Wars Cookbook II: Darth Malt and More Galactic Recipes ($16).

Since the first three Star Wars films won't be coming out on DVD until after the 2005 release of Episode III, here are a couple of discs to tide you over in the meantime: George Lucas in Love (Red Hill, $15) tells the story of an awkward but lovable film student unable to complete the screenplay for his "agricultural space tragedy" -until the appearance of his muse, Marion, who sports a familiar-looking hairdo. Starwoids (Ventura, $20) documents the Star Wars fanatics who waited in line for six weeks to see The Phantom Menace. Watch out for overzealous Trekkies who protest the event bearing "Kirk, not Kenobi" signs. Truly the definition of "get a life."

The CD Cocktails in the Cantina (Oglio, $16) is a jazzy trip through the Star Wars universe that will leave you both shaken and stirred.

What if Luke had missed his mark during the attack on the Death Star? That's the premise behind Dark Horse Comics' graphic novel Star Wars: Infinities ($13).

Aside from Attack of the Clones, this year's biggest Star Wars event will be "Celebration II." Running from May 3 to 5 at the Indianapolis Convention Center, this official convention will celebrate the release of Episode II and commemorate the 25th anniversary of the original film with celebrity appearances, exhibits, memorabilia, and more. Register at starwarscelebration.com.

The Galactic Phrase Book & Travel Guide (Ballantine Books, $8) is an invaluable tool when traveling through the Star Wars galaxy. Whether you're bargaining for your life or just trying to partake in some small talk with a Wookiee, you won't want to leave your moisture-farm dwelling without it.

- Rogue Leader Drew Thompson