Star Trek

Even the most diehard Trekker felt that Roddenberry's universe had lost its mojo, so when J.J. Abrams was picked to reimagine the franchise, I was stoked. With a new young cast, which Tom Norton refers to as Star Trek 90210, he took Trek where no one had gone before—over $257 million at the box office. With a reported budget of $150 million, no corners were cut in the production—the script is a blast, the special effects are top-notch, and the soundtrack is loaded with demo material. As expected, the Blu-ray rocks, and here are three great scenes to show off your home theater.

Altered timeline

  • Chapter 1, 00:01:20
  • Detail, blacks, surround imaging
  • As the U.S.S. Kelvin flies by the camera, notice the meticulous attention to detail on the hull of the starship. Also, as the lightning storm comes into view, relish the inky blackness of space.
  • As Michael Giacchino's score fades away, listen into the communications chatter coming from the Starfleet vessel and how it encompasses the room. Sit back and enjoy the next nine minutes of the action-packed opening.

Drop zone

  • Chapter 7, 00:53:50
  • Dynamics
  • Listen as Kirk, Sulu, and the doomed red-shirt crewman plummet toward the alien platform—you can hear their nervous breathing inside their suits surrounded by the silence of space. When they enter the atmosphere, listen to the wind whistling by, their labored breathing as the g-forces squeeze their bodies, and the sonic boom when they exceed the speed of sound.

Spock goes postal

  • Chapter 11, 1:30:00
  • Detail, dynamics, imaging
  • In this scene, look at the detail in the clothing, particularly Scotty's jacket, as well as each character's facial pores and the glow in their eyes.
  • As the conversation heats up between Spock and Kirk, listen to the clear dialog, the beeping of the computers, and the pounding impact of Spock landing the first of many punches.

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