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Movie Performance Turning to a scene in I, Robot where Detective Del Spooner (Will Smith) is chased through an underground tunnel by a fleet of nasty robots, I had another opportunity to hear the Infinity system shine in surround. As the escaping detective ran his vehicle up against the sides of the tunnel, spattering glass and robot parts along the way, the sats conveyed a vivid sonic image of ricocheting debris. It was actually one of the most impressive surround sound performances I've heard in my room. And when the bass kicked in, I felt it in my bones. Dialogue coming from the center speaker, meanwhile, was consistently clear and natural, even at off-center seats on my couch.

Fast Facts
TSS-SAT4000/CENTER4000 front speakers .75-in tweeter, two 3.5-in midranges, four 3.5-in woofers; SAT4000, 23 in high, CENTER4000, 23 in wide •TSS-SAT1100 surround.75-in tweeter, two 3.5-in midranges; 9.25 in high •TSS-SUB750 subwoofer 10-in driver; 150-watt amp; crossover bypass; 10.75 x 16.75 x 15.75 in, 33 lbs •Aluminum cabinets and finish •$2,394 •, 516-674-4463

Bottom Line With its clean, all-metal looks, slim profile, and slamming performance, Infinity's TSS-4000 system is an excellent option for any home theater. But its versatile wall-mounting options make it an especially ideal solution for rooms where floor space is at a premium. Even after I took them down, the Infinity speakers' great looks and sound left a lasting impression.