Sony's Highlights Curved LCD HDTV

Passersby wondered if this was an OLED set (no luck there&mdashSony showed no such product) or a 4K HDTV (despite Sony's clear 4K leanings, it wasn't that either.) Nor was it an XBR; all Sony XBRs are now 4K.

The KDL-65S990A ($4000) is a "conventional" 1080p, LED edge-lit, LCD display. The wrinkle here is the curved screen, a feature found up to now only on OLED flat screen 55-inch sets from LG and Samsung. (Open question&mdashcan we still call a curved flat screen HDTV a flat screen HDTV?). I liked the look of it; the gentle curvature works better on a 65-inch set than a 55-incher.