Sony KDS-R60XBR1 LCOS HDTV HT Labs Measures

HT Labs Measures: Sony KDS-R60XBR1 LCOS HDTV

The top chart shows the KDS-R60XBR1's gray scale relative to its color temperature at various levels of intensity, or brightness (20 IRE is dark gray; 100 IRE is bright white). The gray scale as set by the factory, in the warm color-temperature mode and the "pro" picture-preset mode, measures accurate with dark images and slightly warm with brighter images. After making adjustments using the Photo Research PR-650, the gray scale measures within 199 Kelvin of D6500, the accurate color temperature, across the entire range.

The bottom chart shows the gray scale (or color temperature) relative to the color points of the display's red, green, and blue Liquid Crystal on Silicon panels. These are off those specified by SMPTE. Green and red are oversaturated. Blue is oversaturated and slightly bluish-purple.

After calibration, and using a full-field 100-IRE white (93.31 foot-lamberts) and a full-field 0-IRE black (0.007 ft-L), the contrast ratio was 13,330:1. Using a 16-box checkerboard pattern (ANSI contrast), the contrast ratio was 294:1. The best contrast ratio was achieved with the iris on "min" and the Advanced Iris set to "high." The brightest image was achieved with the iris set to "max" and the Advanced Iris turned off. This produced 100.6 ft-L with a 100-IRE window and 0.032 ft-L with a 0-IRE black, a contrast ratio of 3,144:1. It is worth noting that, with the Advanced Iris set to "high" and the iris set to "max," light output was 100.1 ft-L and 0.009 ft-L (11,122:1). The best black level was achieved with the iris on "min," the Advanced Iris set to "high," and the "power saving" mode set to "reduced." In this mode, the light output was 79.49 ft-L and 0.006 ft-L (13,248:1).—GM

Full-On/Full-Off Contrast Ratio—13,330:1; ANSI Contrast Ratio—294:1

Measured Resolution with the Leader LT-446:
480: 480 (per picture height)
720p: 720 (pph)
1080i: 1040 (pph)

DC Restoration (poor, average, good, excellent): Excellent (with Black Corrector Off)

Color Decoder (poor, average, good, excellent): Excellent

Measured Color Points:
Red Color Point: x=0.674, y=0.324
Green Color Point: x=0.290, y=0.694
Blue Color Point: x=0.146, y=0.047

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