Sony Demos 75" High Dynamic Range TV it Plans to Sell in Spring

Like every other major TV maker at CES, Sony is demo’ing high dynamic range content. And like every other HDR demo I’ve seen at CES, Sony’s makes conventional, non-HDR displays look grossly inadequate in comparison.

While some HDR-capable 4K TVs at CES—Panasonic’s, for example—are prototypes, Sony’s counts among the real products that are slated for release in 2015. The 75-inch XBR-75X940C should be available sometime this spring at a price TBD. Along with the ability to accept forthcoming HDR-encoded content from Netflix and other sources, it has Sony’s own X-tended Dynamic Range feature to pump up the contrast on regular, non-HDR content. Other features include Android TV with Google Cast and built-in front-facing speakers. It also supports high-res audio playback.

Looking for a slightly smaller HDR-capable set? The Sony rep I spoke with mentioned that last year’s flagship model, the 65-inch XBR-65X950B, also supports HDR.