Sony Wows Showgoers with 4K Laser Projector

Sony featured a new $25,000 laser-driven, true 4K projector in its demo theater at CEDIA 2017. It looked spectacular with custom footage showing South American natives in traditional, colorful dress, with excellent color, resolution, and detail on a 165-inch diagonal, 16x8, Stewart Studiotek 130 screen.

A second clip, from the recent Spiderman: Homecoming was also good, but not nearly as eye-popping as the first selection, which was one of the best UHD demos I’ve yet seen.

Sony also set up its $30,000 pro monitor side by side by side with its 77-inch OLED (shown above). The two looked remarkably close.

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I'm praying that Epson and JVC keep pushing Sony with competitive pricing.
Otherwise it will be 2020 before we get a sub $5,000 true 4k Projector with great contrast (see JVC) and high level of Lumens (see Epson).
The shift technologies employed by Epson and JVC are quite good, but they fall short of OLED display panels.