Sony Adds Home Automation to ES A/V Receivers

Sony introduced three new AV receivers. The claim to fame of both the STR-5800ES (130 Watts per channel) and STR-2800ES (100 WPC) is that they may be directly integrated with the popular Control4 home automation system. They may also be used with a variety of other automation systems. The third model, the STR-DA1800, does not have Control4 built-in. All three offer 4K upconversion, full WiFi, Bluetooth, Airplay, and Internet access features.

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So it's Control 4 certified. What's the big deal about that? As long as you have RS-232 and/or TCP/IP control available, ANY 3rd party control system can control your AVR! Nice having a "certification" for those Control 4 dealers, as a MARKETING point, but functionally, Control 4 works just as easily with a Denon AVR as it would with a Sony.