Sonus faber Previews Next Generation of its Popular Sonetto Series Speakers

Italy’s Sonus faber has announced the next generation of the popularly priced Sonetto speaker series it introduced in 2018.

Slated for delivery in July, the new Sonetto G2 collection includes seven “lute-shaped” models that can be mixed and matched to accommodate a range of home theater and stereo setups. The lineup comprises three floorstanding models, two stand-mount/bookshelf speakers, a center model, and an on-wall speaker at prices ranging from $1,249 for the center model to $7,999/pair for the top tower.

In addition to classic Sonus faber flourishes such as the leather-wrapped mid/tweeter flange and polished ring around each driver/complement, or the “45° angle” grain pattern on top, the G2 series features phase-coherent crossovers and custom drivers throughout, including an extended-response “damped apex dome” silk tweeter. The crossover is designed to ensure “precise synchronization of the drivers' phase rotations” to achieve a more detailed soundstage.

Starting at the top and moving down the line, the three-way Sonetto VIII G2 (shown in opener, $7,999/pair) and Sonetto V G2 ($6,499/pair) towers feature an internal cork chamber developed for the $750,000 flagship Suprema speaker system introduced earlier this year; the unique design is said to ensure a seamless flow of sound waves, which in turn further enhances resolution in the middle frequency range by facilitating greater control over resonance and sound propagation. In both of models, the tweeter is mated with a 6.5-inch Camelia midrange driver (also borrowed from the Suprema) and a pair of 8-inch (VIII) or 6.5-inch (V) woofers. The Sonetto VIII and Sonetto V stand 46 and 43 inches tall and are rated down to 33 and 35 Hz (–3 dB), respectively.

The Sonetto III G2 (shown above, $4,499/pair) is a slightly shorter 2.5-way tower with a tweeter, 6.5-inch midrange, and one 6.5-inch woofer; the speaker is 42 inches tall and rated down to 38 Hz (–3 dB). All three towers have a down-firing port that vents through an opening between the bottom of the speaker and a new concrete base that aims to enhance stability and reduce vibration; the base has rubber feet but spikes are available as an option.

Next up, the Sonetto II G2 (shown below, $2,749/pair) and Sonetto I G2 ($1,999/ pair) are two-way, front-vented stand-mount/bookshelf speakers that pair a tweeter with a 6.5-inch or 5-inch woofer in a cabinet 16 or 15 inches tall, respectively. Both include a concrete base and are rated down to 42 and 52 Hz (–3 dB), respectively.

Rounding out the series are the three-way Sonetto Center ($2,499), which places a 6.5-inch woofer on either side of a stacked tweeter/midrange complement, and the two-way Sonetto Wall (shown above, $1,249), which pairs the tweeter with a 6.5-inch woofer in a shallow cabinet 11 inches tall and 7 inches deep designed to be mounted on a wall. The rear-vented Center G2 and sealed Wall G2 speakers are rated down to 45 and 60 Hz (–3 dB), respectively.

A new optimized reflex duct (or port) design is integrated into all Sonetto models and, if you’re wondering about the curvy “floral pattern” of the midrange and woofer surrounds (the material that attaches the cone to the speaker frame), the company says, apart from adding a touch of elegance, it helps reduce interference and increase linear range.

Sensitivity specs across the line range between 86 and 90 dB (1W/1m) with the compact Sonetto 1 G2 on the low end and the flagship Sonetto VIII G2 on the high end.

All Sonetto G2 models have bi-wirable binding posts and feature a fine, open-pore wood finish chosen to highlight the natural beauty and organic feel of the wood grain. Three finish options are offered throughout the line: walnut, wenge, and piano black. For more information, visit

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Interesting that their press photo places the center dead on the floor and not even on a stand...well, it's a choice.