Sonneteer Has Storage Covered

Sonneteer's Morpheus audio server will play anything your home network dishes up through a PC or other device. You can supplement it with Sonneteer's 3TB external hard drive, which adds the convenience of a slot-load CD drive for burning. The basic unit has 50 watts times two and sells for $3995. Double that if you add the extra drive. One angle that came up in our discussion was the fact that the system rips with metadata from free providers; a more deluxe service costs extra. If you're buying a pricey audio server, find out where it's getting its metadata and consider how that will affect the experience of using it.

Haider Bahrani's picture

Hi all. This is Haider from Sonneteer. Sorry if there was some confusion regarding the Meta data. The truth is the Meta data on our unit is coming via a Paid Service and therefore of good integrity. This is not to pour cold water on the free services which can provide an almost as good a service.There are even more 'Deluxe' meta data services available, and they can be more expensive. These are in effect double redundancy checking and rechecking services which save the user time should there be a rare glitch on their internet service. We can, of curse, set the customer up with these for a small extra fee. I personally have a large CD collection stored and have not needed it. I hope this helps :-)