Scanning High-Def: Happy Feet HD DVD

Happy Feet (Warner HD DVD). Looking bizarrely realistic at times, the creatures of Happy Feet seem to almost come off the screen, their bodies are so three-dimensional. Each figure is incredibly detailed, with individual feathers and fur hairs visible. And it's not just birds and beasts. An egg breaking open, a cliff collapsing - all are completely convincing. And you won't believe the sea. Check out Chapter 10 (the seal attack). The full and transparent losslessly compressed Dolby TrueHD sound is terrific, too. All channels are active most of the time, with immersions into the heart of many penguin gatherings as well as a flow of crystal-clear music and songs all around. Dialogue and effects pan seamlessly. And there's plenty of bass when necessary - as a wind storm literally beats against you or an icebreaker rumbles the floor. Extras, the same as on the DVD, are underwhelming. Apart from 3 minutes of deleted scenes (in high-def), there are just two music videos and a Merry Melodies cartoon (all standard-def).

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