Samsung's 2023 TV Lineup Topped by New 77" QD-OLED & MicroLED Models

Samsung today unveiled a 2023 TV lineup featuring an impressive range of new models in its Neo QLED, MicroLED, and Quantum Dot-OLED (QD-OLED) lineups.

Topping Samsung’s TV news is the arrival of a 77-inch QD-OLED model that will join the 55- and 65-inch S95 models introduced last year, recipients of Sound & Vision’s prestigious Overall Top Pick of the Year for 2022. Building on the core strengths of traditional OLED, QD-OLED takes a good thing and makes it better, delivering improved brightness, contrast, and color with a wide viewing angle to boot.

Samsung is also expanding its Neo QLED series with new 4K and 8K models featuring Mini-LED backlighting, Samsung’s AI-based 14-bit Neural Quantum Processor, and a new Auto HDR Remastering algorithm that uses AI deep learning technology to bring high dynamic range (HDR) effects to standard dynamic range (SDR) content.

MicroLED will also get a big boost in 2023 with a second-generation series of new models in screen sizes ranging from 50 to 140 inches.

In the videos below, S&V editor Mark Henninger gets the lowdown on Samsung’s super-bright cutting-edge Micro LED TVs and its new top-of-the-line HW-Q990C soundbar (shown above), an 11.1.4-channel Atmos-enabled follow-up to the HW-Q990B we just named Top Pick of the Year in soundbars for 2022.

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What ever happened to 60" sets(owned a 60" Kuro)? I have a 55" and would like a bit bigger but 65" is to much. Did see someone has a 57" gaming monitor.