Revolv Is One Hub to Rule Them All

Revolv’s Smart Home Solution is designed to easily bring together a variety of off-the-shelf devices such as the Sonos music system, Philips Hue wireless lighting, Yale automated locks, and thermostats into an automation system that’s extremely easy to set up and control with a single one simple smart device app. According to Revolv:

With the Revolv Smart Home Solution, consumers have the freedom to mix and match wireless devices and appliances in their home to achieve a new level of lifestyle automation right from their smart phone. Revolv automates daily life routines around time, GPS proximity, sensor triggers such as motion in the home, and on-demand commands set by the user. Its proprietary GeoSense technology automatically activates connected devices when the user reaches a certain geo-radius to and from their home.

The Revolv hub includes seven wireless radios and can communicate using ten different communication protocols in order to support a huge number of wireless home automation devices available currently. Revolv claims that support for hundreds of more devices will be added “in the coming months”, which will make Revolv compatible with 95% of commercially available devices.

The Revolv hub is expected to be available to ship before the end of the year. The $299 price will include both the wireless hub and a lifetime cloud connectivity service plan. No additional monthly fees are required.