Gimme Shelter: Racks, Cabinets and Mounts

What good is a shiny new state-of-the-art TV if you don’t have an appropriately classy place to put it or an acrobatic wall-mount to hang it on? Or maybe you’d rather attach it to a motorized lift so you can make it appear (and disappear) at will. And what about the rest of your electronics—the receiver, that spiffy 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray player…your resurrected turntable? Do you have a functional place in mind for all that stuff? Fear not. Whether you want to display your gear for all to see or hide it away, here are a few options worthy of consideration.


Three’s a Charm
One of seven models in Bell’O’s Triple Play line, the Lehigh (BF58) entertainment stand can be configured as a standalone rack or with a tilting/swiveling TV mount that supports TVs with screen sizes up to 60 inches diagonal (and weighing up to 125 pounds); the mount can be affixed to the rack via an adjustable pole or secured directly to the wall. A sturdy, scratch-resistant metal frame supports a black tempered-glass component shelf that sits between the top and bottom woodgrain shelves. Worried about what to do with all those wires? Don’t be. The stand has integrated channels for organizing and concealing cables. Price: $400


Space Saver
When a corner is the best (or only) place to locate gear, don’t waste your time visiting local furniture stores. Finding an A/V-friendly cabinet that’s well made and functional is a tall order—sort of like looking for a snow shovel in San Diego. BDI’s Corridor 8175 cabinet has you covered: It’s designed to fit perfectly in a corner, supports TVs with screens up to 55 inches diagonal, and has room for up to four components and a soundbar. Don’t worry, sound and infrared signals from your remote control will pass effortlessly through the louvered doors. Finishing touches include a micro-etched glass top, wire management, and black steel legs. Overall dimensions are 25 x 50.25 x 20 inches, and you have a choice of chocolate-stained walnut or white oak. Price: $1,699


Wow Automation
Here’s a product to consider if you like the idea of concealing your TV when it’s not in use. Inca’s 400 Series multipurpose lift can be installed in a cabinet or—for a touch of James Bond pizzazz—in the ceiling or floor. To appreciate the full effect of what’s being offered here, imagine pushing a button and watching the screen rise majestically from a cabinet (PL-400), ascending from the floor (FL-400), or descending from the ceiling (CL-400). The lift is designed to support TVs weighing up to 130 pounds with screens from 22 to 85 diagonal inches and features an “ultra silent” mechanism. Inca says the lift is easy to assemble and install, but unless you’re super handy, you’ll want to hire a custom installer. A swivel option is available for PL and CL series models. Price: $1,900 and up


Hug a Wall
Looking for an A/V cabinet that’s svelte and streamlined, not stout and bulky? At only 12 inches deep, Salamander’s Low Profile Wall Cabinets are designed to hug the wall and include an integrated TV-mount option for those who’d rather not fasten their flat-screen to the wall. Each cabinet is built on an expandable aluminum frame and available in a variety of sizes and configurations with room to accommodate a number of components. Standard height is 30 inches, and cabinets can be ordered in triple (66 inches wide) and quad (88 inches wide) sizes. Gloss, textured, and real wood finishes are standard, and the cabinets can be secured to the wall for added stability. Price: $2,899 and up


A Spin on Curves
Wondering how the heck you’re going to mount that sexy curved-screen TV on the wall? Rack/mount king Sanus recently came out with the VLC1, a UL-certified bracket designed specifically for sets with curved screens between 40 and 88 diagonal inches and weighing up to 150 pounds. Described as easy to install, the mount swivels 10 degrees in each direction (left and right) and provides “toolless” height, level, and side-to-side adjustments so you can lock in the perfect screen orientation. An open wall-plate design makes it easy to route cables behind the TV and accommodates a standard-size electrical outlet. Price: $190 ($180 on Amazon) /


Trendy Table
Congratulations! After years of procrastination, you finally pulled your turntable out of the attic. With a new stylus and cartridge, you’ll be ready to dig into long-neglected vinyl treasures and play the 180-gram reissue of Abbey Road you picked up at Barnes & Noble. But where to put it? There’s no room in your rack, and placing it on the bookcase is just asking for trouble. Pro-Ject to the rescue with the stylish Wall Mount It 3 turntable shelf. The steel frame structure measures 25 x 11.5 x 18 inches (WxHxD), supports up to 66 pounds, and mounts directly to the wall to keep your table free of floor vibrations. The company offers three other shelves, though with less pizazz: the Wall Mount It 1 ($179 in black), Wall Mount It 2 ($229 in black), and Wall Mount It 5 ($399 in black or walnut woodgrain). Price: $429


Cabinet Magic
The Phoenix P7340 is one of nearly three-dozen motor- ized TV Lift cabinets from Diamond Case, which has been owned and operated by the Hartfelder family for 25 years. Press a button, and your TV magically appears—or disappears. The made-to-order cabinet can be built to accommodate any size TV and has 10 adjustable shelves for storing media and components in addition to a speaker/soundbar shelf concealed behind black grille cloth. Highlights include “air chimney” ventilation, internal wire management, door panels that can be swapped out for glass or grille cloth, and a remote control repeater for operating your hidden gear. Available in 20 “museum-quality” finishes (fruitwood birch shown). Prices start at $3,999 for a 43-inch cabinet