Polk Audio Launches Reserve Series Loudspeakers

Baltimore’s Polk Audio has announced the launch of its Reserve Series loudspeaker lineup. Following in the wake of the company’s premium, and correspondingly pricey, Legend Series, which debuted in 2019, the Reserve family seeks “to retain as much of the Polk Legend flagship performance as possible within a moderately priced package,” according to the company’s press release.

“The Reserve Series use the same custom-made transducers originally developed for Polk’s award-winning Legend Series loudspeakers,” said Frank Sterns, president of Polk Audio. “Featuring the proprietary Pinnacle Tweeter, Turbine Cone midrange and Polk’s latest bass-management and resonance control technologies—PowerPort and X-Port—the Reserve Series delivers against Polk Audio’s signature quality sound at an approachable price,” Sterns added.

Featuring nine models available in matte black, matte white, and walnut woodgrain finish, the Reserve Series is IMAX Enhanced and Hi-Res Audio Certified and compatible. Along with three floorstanding models, there are three center-channel and two bookshelf models plus the R900 wall-and speaker-mountable height module—a Polk Audio first—all designed with matching transducers and consistent voicing.

According to Polk Audio, multiple advanced technologies were developed specifically for the Reserve Series:

Pinnacle Ring Radiator Tweeter Features a finely tuned waveguide, which dramatically improves the dispersion of high frequency energy, ensuring a broad sweet spot, while the critically damped rear-chamber helps defeat unwanted resonances.

Turbine Cone Midrange Combines Polk’s proprietary foam core driver design with molded Turbine geometry, which dramatically increases stiffness and damping without adding mass.

X-Port Technology Uses a set of closed-pipe absorbers precisely tuned to eliminate unwanted cabinet and port resonances. X-Port is most beneficial to the lower mid-range.

Power Port 2.0 Design Found in the R600 and R700 floorstanding models, Power Port 2.0 is a Polk-patented loudspeaker port application that enables bass frequencies to extend more deeply and at higher output levels than traditional ported speakers.

  • R100 Bookshelf - $599/pair
  • R200 Bookshelf - $699/pair
  • R300 Center Channel - $399
  • R350 Center Channel (slim) - $549
  • R400 Center Channel - $599
  • R500 Tower - $599 each
  • R600 Tower - $799 each
  • R700 Tower - $999 each
  • R900 Height Module - $599/pair

All Reserve Series products are currently available for purchase at Polk Audio’s website.