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IN THE LAB: PLUS Piano Avanti HE-3200 Front Projector

Color temperature (Warm setting before/ Custom setting after calibration) Low window (30 IRE) 7,356/6,437 K High window (100 IRE) 7,860/6,518 K

Brightness (Warm setting before/Custom setting after calibration) 10.56/8.27 ftLOut of the box the Avanti's Warm setting provided the most accurate color temperature, but still appeared too blue. After calibration with user-accessible RGB gain controls, the color temperature was much closer to the NTSC standard of 6,500 K, although it appeared slightly green at 40 and 50 IRE. (Calibration for specific installations needs to be performed by a qualified technician with specialized equipment, so discuss it with your dealer before purchase, or call the Imaging Science Foundation at 561-997-9073.) Grayscale tracking was average, varying by approximately 300 K at various light levels. The SMPTE colors bars showed minor errors in the green and red channels and very few artifacts with a composite-video connection. White field uniformity across the screen was excellent.- D.K.