Pioneer PRO-1110HD Plasma HDTV HT Labs Measures

HT Labs Measures: Pioneer Elite PRO-1110HD Plasma HDTV

The top chart shows the PRO-1110HD's gray scale relative to its color temperature at various levels of intensity, or brightness (20 IRE is dark gray; 100 IRE is bright white). The gray scale as set by the factory, in the low color-temperature mode and the movie picture preset, tracks well but measures slightly cool across the entire gray scale. After making adjustments using the Photo Research PR-650, the gray scale measures incredibly well, within 27 kelvin of D6500, the accurate color temperature, across most of the gray scale and within 170 K at one dip. For trained techs with the right equipment, the PRO-1110HD offers an ISF mode that simplifies calibration. After the TV is calibrated, you can select an ISF Day or ISF Night setting in the user menu to get the most accurate picture for what you're watching. The software wasn't finalized as of press time, but it should be by the time you read this. The bottom chart shows the gray scale (or color temperature) relative to the color points of the display's red, green, and blue phosphors. Red (x=0.619, y=0.332), green (x=0.235, y=0.675), and blue (x=0.154, y=0.077) are slightly off of those specified by SMPTE. Red is slightly undersaturated, while green is oversaturated and slightly bluish-green. You can adjust this slightly in the user menu's color-management settings and in the ISF mode. The light output was approximately 22 foot-lamberts with a full-white screen and 54 ft-L with a 100-IRE window (it is normal for a plasma to have a higher brightness level in a window as opposed to a full screen). Burn-in (so-called pixel lag) was slight and disappeared quickly. The display has excellent DC restoration and an accurate color decoder. The PRO-1110HD displays out to the limits of the signal with NTSC and 720p sources and out to the limits of the 1,280-by-768 panel with 1080i.—GM

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