Photo Mix #2

Tens of thousands of dealers, distributors, reporters, and gear-happy users pass through the doors of the Las Vegas Convention Center on the first official day of CES 2005.
CES-2005-photo-mix-2c.jpg CES-2005-photo-mix-2b.jpg
Tom Arnold and Jackie Chan add a little star power to XaviX's booth in the South Hall.
CES-2005-photo-mix-2d.jpg CES-2005-photo-mix-2e.jpg
Meg Whitman, president and CEO of eBay, wants you to think about recycling, donating, or (shock!) auctioning off your old electronics gear via the company's Rethink program, which is also supported by Intel and the Environmental Protection Agency.
The machines have taken over! GPX finds a creative way to show off its minisystems.
CES-2005-photo-mix-2f.jpg ces-2005-photo-mix-2g
Model Candace Dickerson shows off one of the iPod's many new challengers -Toshiba's Gigabeat MP3 player.
Toshiba's HD DVD recorder prototype. (photo by David Ranada)
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