Panasonic TC-P65VT60 3D Plasma HDTV Settings

Unit-to-unit sample variations, the viewing environment, and the source might render these recommendations less than optimum. They are provided only as a potentially useful starting place.

All the settings here are for controls found in the user menus. Those most likely to translate reliably from one sample to another involve specific features with only a few selections, such as Gamma and Noise Reduction. The ones most likely to be subject to sample variations are video controls offering a wide range of adjustment, such as white balance (gray scale) and color management (where available). Different sized sets in a manufacturer’s same model range are also unlikely to perform optimally with these settings.

We strongly recommend that you find the optimum basic video settings for your sample by using one of the many available display setup DVDs, such as Digital Video Essentials(DVD) or DVE HD Basics(Blu-ray). These will help you to correctly set basic controls for brightness, contrast, sharpness, and sometimes color and tint. Experimenting with the more complex color calibration and other controls in the user menus will do no harm; the changes may be easily reset. But tuning a set "by eye" with such controls is no substitute for a full calibration, which is best left to a trained and properly equipped technician such as those certified by the Imaging Science Foundation (ISF) or THX.

2D 3D
Picture Mode Professional2 Custom
Contrast 64 100
Brightness +4 +5
Color 50 50
Tint –2 0
Sharpness 50 50
Color Temp. Warm2 Warm1
Vivid Color Off Off
C.A.T.S. Off Off
Video NR Off Off
MPEG Remaster Off Off
Resolution Remaster Off Off
Caption Smoothing Off Off
Brilliance Enhancer Off Off
Motion Smoother Off Off

Pro Settings: Panel Brightness (2D and 3D)
Mid High
AGC 0 0
Black Extension 0 0
Color Gamut Rec.709 Rec.709

W/B Detail Adjust. (2D)
Mid High
Red –7 10
Green –1 4
Blue 14 –3

W/B Detail Adjust. (32D)
Mid High
Red –15 11
Green 0 0
Blue –6 –1

More (W/B) Detail Adjustment (2D)
Input Signal Level R G B
10 0 6 –1
20 –6 –10 7
30 2 –2 0
40 5 2 –2
50 5 4 –4
60 5 0 –7
70 5 2 –2
80 3 3 –4
90 1 2 –4
100 2 2 –5

More (W/B) Detail Adjustment (3D)
Input Signal Level R G B
10 0 0 0
20 –15 0 –10
30 0 0 0
40 0 0 0
50 0 0 0
60 0 0 0
70 0 0 0
80 0 0 0
90 4 0 –4
100 9 0 –9

Color Detail Adjustment (2D)
Hue Saturation Luminance
Red –2 –5 –7
Green 13 18 2
Blue 2 8 –3
Cyan 4 2 4
Magenta 14 –5 –13
Yellow 7 1 3

Color Detail Adjustment (3D)
Hue Saturation Luminance.
Red 0 0 0
Green 0 0 0
Blue 0 0 0
Cyan 0 0 0
Magenta 0 0 0
Yellow 0 0 0

Gamma Detail Adjustment
2D Gamma: 2.4

3D Gamma: 2.2

Gamma Detail Adjustment
Input Signal Level 2D 3D
10 0 0
20 –1 0
30 0 0
40 0 0
50 1 0
60 4 0
70 0 0
80 –1 0
90 –1 0

Advanced Settings (2D and 3D)
Game Mode: Off

24p Direct In: 96 Hz (when selectable)

1080p Pure Direct: On

HDMI Content Type: Auto

HDMI/DVI RGB Range: Standard (16–235)

Black Level: Light

Screen Settings (2D and 3D)
Screen Format: As needed

Overscan: Off

H Size: 1

Screen Display: On

4:3 Side Bars: High (or as desired)

Pixel Orbiter: On

Screen Wipe: As needed

3D Menu
All in default settings except:

3D refresh rate: 96Hz (for 24p 3D sources) or as needed

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I recently bought a 55VT60 here in Singapore, while making changes to the settings I realise that the HDTV is missing some 2D and 3D setting options such professional2 for 2D and custom for 3D. These options are missing totally on my new HDTV therefore i am not able to have the same setting as given here. I do however have the others options. What settings do you recomend for my HDTV in this case, thank you.

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Hey! I love these reviews, they're so helpful.

My AV installer is recommending I go with the LG 60PN5700:

I was thinking of getting this Panasonic based on your reviews and I can't find a review of the LG. The Panny is more $, I can get the LG for $900. I don't know what to do since I can't see them side by side. This will be our primary TV in our family room, lots of windows with minimal light control during day.



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Hi there
I have a question regarding your W/B Detail adjustment
Obviously you are reffering to Panel Luminace Setting by splitting it on Mid and Hig but TV it self have option to set:
R Gain
G Gain
B Gain
R Cutoff
G Cutoff
B Cutoff
and in you settings you are giving only 1 number for each colour
W/B Detail Adjust. (2D)
Red –7
Green –1
Blue 14
Could you advise me how that should be set up?


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If you go into the Settings part of the menu you can find the switch to unlock the isfccc mode. Once you do the Pro modes will show up in the Picture Settings menu, where you select THX ect.
Now you will see the additional adjustments.

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I also noticed that you are missing
Gamma Detail Adjustment
Input Signal Level
100 ?


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Hi there, thank you for a great review of the TV. It's spot on.

I'm a little confused about the listed settings could you explain to me.

Is the Mid and High referencing the high and low? on the tv the option goes first r/g/b high and r/g/b low, so I am not sure if I mixing up the two settings.

W/B Detail Adjust. (2D)
Mid High
Red –7 10
Green –1 4
Blue 14 –3

Are these the 3D settings, is 32D a typo? Same things I am not sure which is mid (high or low)

W/B Detail Adjust. (32D)
Mid High
Red –15 11
Green 0 0
Blue –6 –1

Given that I did possibly mixed up these settings completely I really like your adjustment. Thank you for posting it.

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Mid = Low and High is High.

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Thanks for your VT60 calibration post. I have one question though, where is the 100 IRE setting for the Input Signal Level? As it is also missing in the ZT60 calibration post also. I left mine at the default setting of -0-.

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R Gain:10
G Gain:4
B Gain:-3
R Cutoff:-7
G Cutoff:-1
B Cutoff:14

If you say mid and high.if i use this settings then i have too much blue in the blacks where you can check with AVS whats right.this or the other way around?