Panasonic Announces ’90’s Style Minisystem, Features Wearable Gaming Speaker

The days of the big TV/AV-focused Panasonic CES press conference are long gone but the company still managed to highlight a couple of audio products at yesterday’s pre-show event: a new ’90s-style minisystem and the latest version of its SoundSlayer gaming speaker.

Due out in April, the SC-PM270 compact shelf system is a simple entry-level stereo featuring a pair of speakers and a mini CD player/receiver with Bluetooth streaming capability, a 20 watts/channel amplifier, FM tuner, and CD player — just like the old days. Each speaker is ported and has a single 4-inch full-range driver.

Bluetooth Remaster processing is said to improve the sound quality of music streamed wirelessly to the system, which provides a USB port to expand listening options. Pricing wasn’t announced but the current higher-end system costs only $200 with two-way speakers and 80 watts/channel of power.

Panasonic also featured the new wireless version of its popular SoundSlayer wearable gaming speaker. The U-shaped device goes around the player’s neck and projects sound from a pair of “arms” that extend over the upper chest. The GNW10 been on the market since October and sells for $299. You can read more about it here.

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