OLED, 8K, Curved Screens — Konka Has it All

Chinese TV makers are all over CES showing sets with the same high-end tech that Korean and Japanese companies are touting. While some companies — HiSense, for example — will sell those models through outlets familiar to U.S. consumers like Best Buy, others like Konka have no plans to ship their premium models to these shores.

Why is Konka at CES, then? Because despite the glitz factor and Las Vegas location, CES is an international B2B show that draws electronics resellers from all over the globe. Those attendees want to see Konka’s best stuff, which is why the company has OLED TVs and HDR-capable LCD UHDTVs in its booth.

If you still wanna Konka, don’t fret. The company’s lower-end, small-screen models can be found in the U.S.