The Octopus Project's 8-Speaker Live Surround-Sound System Page 3


Josh: "We also had an amazing programmer, Dan Winckler, who built some Quartz Compositions that enabled us to control video "sprites" with specific pieces of audio. Such as the theremin changing clouds of color by its pitch and volume. And drum sounds triggering exploding clouds on top of the background video.

"Besides running the whole two-computer, four-projector setup, Wiley was also triggering some stuff live. He had a Wiimote [Wii remote] hooked up to the computers that could change from sequence to sequence with the press of a button, as well as control video effects. There's no way we could have done all the video stuff or played this show live without him. He's definitely a member of the band right now!"

Meanwhile, what was that sound I heard just before the sixth song, "Glass Jungle"?

Josh: "It was the sound of hippos taking a bath in the Amazon. The only stuff we didn't specifically write for the show was played between a couple of songs and came from some field recordings by a guy named Chris Watson. Amazing stuff!"

Toto: "It's from an album called Outside the Circle of Fire [Touch U.K.]. A sound guy put it on after a show we played in Montreal as we were packing up and hanging around. We didn't notice that anything was playing at first, but then we realized that something weird was going on. Finally, somebody asked, and he showed us what it was. Listen to this on headphones! Mindblower!"