Noble Audio Features All-Silicon Microspeaker in New Wireless Earbuds

Noble Audio, the Texas-based company specializing in high-performance in-ear monitors (IEMs) with exotic finishes, is once again embracing silicon-based microspeakers in its latest wireless earbud model.

The new FoKus Triumph TWS ($369) is the third model in the Noble lineup to mate a conventional dynamic speaker — a 0.25-inch (6.5mm) low/mid-frequency driver in this case — with a solid-state tweeter developed by the Santa Clara-based company xMEMS Labs.

Dubbed Cowell, the solid-state tweeter is billed as the world’s smallest micro-electro-mechanical systems (MEMS) microspeaker and said to deliver “exceptional sound quality, phase coherence, and treble extension,” according to Noble.

Tuned by one of the company’s top acoustic designers, the FoKus Triumph earbuds are based on Bluetooth 5.3 and support high-quality streaming through aptX Adaptive, LDAC, and Snapdragon Sound in addition to supporting. The earbuds also support Siri and Google voice assistants and multipoint connectivity in addition to featuring two Qualcomm technologies: TrueWireless Mirroring for seamless swapping and cVc noise-canceling for phone calls.

Sporting a distinctive hand-painted shell, the ’buds are designed to ensure a secure fit and can be controlled using the “easy touch” buttons on the earbuds or through Noble’s FoKus app, which features a 10-band equalizer with presets, a transparency mode, and a “hearing test” function for creating custom presets based on the listener’s hearing.

Rated battery life is 7.5 hours at 50% volume with four extra charges available through the charging case, which is wrapped in suede-like Alcantara and supports wireless charging.

The FoKus Triumph joins the Falcon Max TWS wireless earbuds ($270) and the higher performance XM-1 wired earbuds ($599), both introduced in December and both featuring a larger low-frequency dynamic driver — 10mm for the Falcon Max TWS and 8.3 mm for the XM-1.

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