New Ultra-Low-Budget Monoprice Bluetooth Headphone

Monoprice has a rep as a provider of cheap-but-good cables, brackets, speakers, and more. Its latest low-price coup? A Bluetooth headphone for $78.32.

The model 10245 (in black) and 10246 (in white) look nicer and better-made than some of the $300 Bluetooth headphones I've tried. (Whaddaya wanna bet they come from the same factory as some big-name brand?) The ear pads are plush and comfy, and the headphones, while plasticky, don't have that cheap, creaky feel of most plastic headphones.

Here's the best part: There's a micro SD card slot built in, so you can play music even when your smartphone battery runs down.

And here's the weird part: According to the web page, each earpiece has a 50mm woofer and three 13mm tweeters. Multidriver over-ear headphones were common back in the 1970s, but almost unheard of nowadays. I didn't even bother trying to listen on the loud show floor, but I'm dying to give these a spin.