New Products - Nov. 2001 Page 4


Ready to control even the most elaborate home theater, Anthem's Audio Video Master 20 (AVM 20) is at your service. The THX Ultra-certified preamp/processor decodes 5.1- and 6.1-channel Dolby Digital and DTS soundtracks and has both balanced XLR and RCA audio outputs. Its multichannel analog inputs for DVD-Audio and Super Audio CD signals include bass management. To top things off, the preamp can switch progressive-scan and high-definition video signals. It controls up to three zones and is software-upgradable. Price: $3,199. 905-828-4575,


A 27-inch TV, a DVD player, and a hi-fi VCR - they're all in this together, "this" being Sharp's 27DV-S100 combination A/V appliance. The TV has a flat picture tube, a component-video input, and a three-line digital comb filter. DVD-Videos, CDs, CD-Rs, CD-RWs, and discs with MP3 files are all playable in the DVD player. The four-head VCR features a 400x rewind speed and a built-in head cleaner. No problems with taping a TV show while watching a DVD, and the supplied universal remote control manages the whole shebang. The set has a silver finish. Price: $1,100. 800-237-4277,

Phase Technology

Standing tall in Phase Technology's Premier Collection is the PC-9.1 tower speaker. The 1-inch soft-dome tweeter can be swiveled on its axis and is coupled with a 1 1/2-inch midrange driver within an antidiffraction mount. Three 6-inch Kevlar-laminated woofers take on the lows. The speaker's rated frequency response is 32 Hz to 22 kHz ±3 dB, sensitivity 92 dB. The cabinet is finished in real wood veneer (natural cherry, honey oak, and black ash are available) and measures 8 x 45 x 14 inches, excluding the base. Each speaker weighs 84 pounds and comes with carpet spikes. Price: $2,000 a pair. 888-742-7385,


With its recorder tray, three-disc carousel changer, and MP3-playback capability, the Philips CDR820 could be the only CD component you'll ever need. Recordings can be made at up to 4x speed, and the deck can make bit-accurate copies from its coaxial and optical digital audio inputs (there's also one output of each flavor). Digital and analog record-level controls allow you to make even-sounding music compilation discs, and the headphone jack has a level control, too. The recorder will automatically mark new tracks, but you can also do it manually, and there's an input for a computer keybaord, which makes it easier to enter artist names and song titles. It also has an RS-232 port. Price: $499. 800-531-0039,


The Linn 5125 multichannel power amplifier is rated to deliver 125 watts to each of five channels into 8-ohm loads.The amp features what the company calls Class V circuitry, which incorporates fast switch-mode power supplies and digitally controlled signal processing. Available in black or silver finish, the Linn 5125 weighs 13 1/4 pounds and measures 15 x 3 x 14 inches. Price: $2,750. 888-671-5466,