New Products - May 2005 Page 2

0505-newproducts-energy.jpg Energy You can't put just any speaker beside a plasma TV. Well, you could, but if it's thicker than the TV itself, what's the point? The new line of Take speakers from Energy will keep your system slim and trim. Despite its sleek profile, the Take SAT (shown, the line's smallest model) still has room for a 3 1/2 -inch woofer mounted in Energy's patented elliptical cone surround, which helps the tiny driver go deeper than it could otherwise. All Take speakers are available in either black or silver, and mounting hardware is included. Price: Take SAT, $175 each; other models, $250 to $500 each., 416-321-1800

0505-newproducts-boston-acoustics.jpg Boston Acoustics For its first digital surround receiver, Boston Acoustics made user-friendliness the top priority. Every video input is converted to component-video format so you can run only one set of video cables to your TV. To set up the receiver, all you have to do is plug in the provided microphone and hold it up - a processor will tweak the settings to make sure all seven 120-watt channels are balanced properly. The AVR7120 can even accept a multimedia input from your PC through its USB port. Price: $2,999., 978-538-5000

the list 0505-newproducts-logitech.jpgLogitech Controlling your DVD player, video hard-disk recorder, sound system, and HDTV typically means juggling a bunch of remotes. But the Harmony 880 universal remote lets you watch live or recorded TV, play a DVD, or listen to music with one press of a button. Setup requires an Internet-connected PC or Mac but is quick and easy: you run a USB cable from the remote's docking station (which also recharges its lithium-ion batteries) to your computer and fill out a form online. Logitech then creates customized programming that you download to the remote. Though the 880 is fully backlit, once you get used to the distinctive sizes and shapes of the buttons, your eyes will always be on the show. Price: $249., 905-273-4571

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