New Products - December 2004 Page 2

1204 - new products - sony SonyAre you an aspiring moviemaker? Sony's HDR-FX1 high-definition camcorder could be what you need to take your creations to the next level. The cam - only the second high-def consumer model after JVC's GR-HD1 - captures video in a widescreen (16:9) format at 1080i resolution (1,440 x 1,080 pixels) thanks to its trio of 1-megapixel CCD sensors. Cinematone Gamma and Cineframe functions adjust the picture to give it the warm, smooth look of film. The 12x optical zoom can be controlled by either a lens ring or controls on the camera and handle, and there's a 3 1/2-inch swiveling LCD view-screen. The cam records on MiniDV tapes, but Sony also sells an extended-length HD DVC tape ($18) that can hold 63 minutes of high-def video. There's a FireWire (i.Link) port for offloading footage to a computer for editing. Price: $3,700., 800-222-7669

1204 - new products - humax HumaxSimple-to-use TiVo recorders efficiently time-shift TV shows, but since video is stored on a hard disk, recording one for a friend usually means dusting off your trusty VCR. Not so with the Humax DRT800, which combines TiVo with a DVD recorder. It still works the same as any TiVo machine - recording your favorite shows to its 80-gigabyte drive - but if your pal missed last week's Survivor , just pop in a blank DVD-R or DVD-RW and burn him a copy. It works fast (burning at 4x speed), and you can make DVDs in the background while you watch or record a live show to the hard disk. And once you connect the DRT800 to your home network through its Ethernet port, you can access the digital photos and music stored on your Mac, PC, or other TiVo machines in your house. Price: $499 ($100 rebate with TiVo activation); TiVo subscription, $12.95 a month or $299 for the life of the recorder., 866-486-2987

1204 - new products - altec Altec LansingWant to share the music on your iPod? Altec Lansing's inMotion iM3 portable speakers let your friends listen in. The one-piece system folds up neatly for easy carrying in the supplied bag and weighs less than a pound. Each speaker has a pair of 1 1/8-inch Micro Drivers, which use Altec's MaxxBass processing to give the iM3 a little oomph (down to 60 Hz for those keeping score). An efficient Class D amplifier gets about 24 hours of playback out of the four AA batteries, or you can use the AC adapter to plug it in. There's an auxiliary input in case your portable CD player gets jealous, and a card-size remote control lets you navigate your iPod from afar. Price: $180., 866-570-5702 NOTE All prices and product information are supplied by the manufacturers. Dealer prices may vary.