New Product: Sunfire Theater Grand Receiver 3

LARGE AND IN CHARGE Are you serious about home theater? No, are you serious? Okay then, you may be worthy to own the Sunfire Theater Grand Receiver 3. Among its legendary features: HDMI switching, three (!) subwoofer outputs, and a power rating that'll make lesser receivers cower - 200 watts for each of the seven channels. That's some sick wattage, but the tracking-downconverter amp ensures nothing gets cooked.

HOLOSOUNDS Beyond the beefy suite of Dolby and DTS audio magic, the TGR 3 has Sonic Holography imaging for stereo signals. The proprietary processing removes spatial distortions inherent to ordinary stereo recordings, so every CD sounds like a live concert in your living room. $4,999 425-335-4748

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