New Product: StereoStone DaVinci Cinema Rock Speaker

ROCK ON Are you still dragging your old boombox out to the backyard for your barbecues? Son, it's time for an upgrade. StereoStone's DaVinci Cinema Rock speaker can fill your patio with sweet sounds without messing up the outdoor ambience, thanks to its rocky camouflage, available in seven colors or your own custom color. And durable weather protection means you can leave it out all year long. Go ahead, admit it: You really wanted it for your Flintstones theme room, right?

HARD EIGHT With a hefty 8-inch woofer, an impressive 250 watts of power handling, and a weatherproof bass port, the DaVinci has the tools to give you an appreciation for the art of the boom. $725 each 800-350-7866

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