New Product: SpeakerCraft MODE DJ Music Server and Keypad

MUSIC WITH LEGS It's not the 160 GB of storage - good for about 50,000 songs, give or take - that makes SpeakerCraft's MODE DJ so special. (I mean, my iPod already puts my entire music collection in one spot.) No, what's impressive are the four independent outputs that let you stream different music to four separate zones. With the DJ connected to SpeakerCraft's MZC controller (sold separately), your music will follow you from room to room like a faithful pet.

PAD SURFING No matter where you are in your house, you'll be able to browse your tunes on the LCD screen of any MODE keypad (shown). Even your iPod can get in on the multiroom action - just pop it in the MODE dock and its music is on the menu. Price: $3,600 800-448-0976

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