New Product: Soundolier duo Wireless Speaker Lamp

AUDIO DÉCOR Wireless speakers haven't exactly taken off, partly because they're never really cable-free since you have to connect them to power. The duo speaker from Soundolier (think "chandelier") skirts that problem by building the drivers into a lamp, which you'd be plugging in anyway. Put a, um, duo of duos next to your couch, and you've got wireless surround sound - and a well-lit living room.

SOUND STREAM Soundolier's maestro transmitter connects to stereo outputs on your receiver, streaming the audio to a pair of duos. The lamps even have minijack inputs for when you just want to relax with your iPod. And calm down, everyone - you can turn the light off and still listen. Prices: duo, $280; maestro, $80 602-438-4545

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