New Product: LG 47LB1DA 47-inch 1080p LCD HDTV

FLAT RETURNS Now that the price of your typical plasma and LCD TV has dropped to well within range of every plebe on the block, your TV needs a new trick if you want to keep your high-tech edge. That trick is 1080p resolution, and LG's new 47-inch LCD panel, the 47LB1DA, has the pixels to make it happen. Since both HDMI inputs can accept 1080p signals, your only problem will be finding material that's actually in the ultra-high-def format.

I, TUNER The off-air tuner is LG's fifth-generation model, so pulling in HDTV from the airwaves should be easier than ever with a separate antenna. And if you go for HD over cable, you can always go boxless with CableCARD. $3,999 800-243-0000

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