New Product: JVC HD-58S998 58-inch Slim HD-ILA Rear-Projection HDTV

LEAN AND SO MEAN The leading 58-inch plasma panel costs 5 grand and can't even display a 1080p signal without downconverting it to 720p. Seems like JVC's got it all figured out with its new slim HD-ILA LCoS HDTV. For $3,300, you get a crisp 58-inch 1080p screen in a cabinet just 10.8 inches deep that goes flush against a wall and can even be wall-mounted. The secret: an additional concave mirror in the light engine that minimizes the internal projection distance.

IRIS YOU WELL With its Super Cinema iris for light control, the skinny set delivers 10,000:1 contrast. Another plus: the optional anorexic stand that adds no girth of its own to the TV's. Price: $3,300 800-526-5308

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