New Product: Harman Kardon AVR 745 Receiver

ALL IN ONE Of course it has seven amplifier channels at 85 watts for each speaker - that's a given. The reason you get a flagship receiver like the Harman Kardon AVR 745 is the bells and whistles: automatic speaker setup, outputs for two subwoofers, and a USB port for digital music streamed from your PC. And the pair of HDMI inputs will come in handy when you connect the latest HD gear.

TUNES FROM ABOVE The AVR 745 has built-in XM-readiness, so you only need to add a $50 Connect-and-Play antenna/tuner pack and $12.95 monthly subscription to start browsing XM's ever-expanding roster of satellite radio channels (170 and counting). $3,499 516-255-4545

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