New Product: Colorado vNet Vibe Audio System

THE RIGHT PROTOCOL Vibe has its own take on whole-house audio: The system uses IP (Internet Protocol) to communicate between components. Music on the Vibe AS1-1250/6 server, which stores as many as 1,250 uncompressed CDs, streams digitally over your network to up to six rooms. Even better, the system is decentralized; the "main" processor never fails, because there isn't one.

PANEL HEAT Slicker than 95% of the control keypads out there, the Vibe CA1-70 wall touchscreens bring song titles, artist information - even album art - right to your fingertips in any room, all the while feeding 70 watts to your favorite pair of speakers. Besides the music server, Vibe can shake you up with components for radio and docking your iPod. Prices: AS1-1250/6, $4,750; CA1-70, $1,300 800-987-8638

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