New Product: ATO iSee 360i iPod Video Recorder

Oh, say, can you iSee? The first video recorder designed specifically for the iPod, ATO's iSee 360i allows you to record and store movies, TV shows, and photos directly from your DVR, TV, or PC. You can then watch the programs on the 3.6-inch LCD screen, which is 90% larger than that of the video iPod. (Or if you prefer, you can play the shows on any TV at standard resolution.) The unit is compatible with most 4G and many 5G iPods - and whichever Pod you have, it slides into the back of the iSee, maintaining the portability of your portable. Furthermore, the rechargeable battery extends the battery life of your iPod to 4 hours. The iSee 360i ($250) will be available this spring.

iPod News & Notes

Now 42 million iPods (and counting): After Apple told us it had sold a total of 30 million iPods, it then told us it sold 12 million more by the end of last year.

LoadPod does video: The company that pioneered the service of stocking your iPod with music will now load your video iPod with movies and TV shows from your DVD collection.

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