NAD Previews New C 3050 Stereo Amplifier

NAD Electronics, a renowned manufacturer of high-performance audio components, will formally launch the new C 3050 Stereophonic Amplifier next week at High End Munich. 

Slated to ship in May, the C 3050 is an integrated DAC/amplifier that features a design drawing upon aesthetic cues from the 1970s while incorporating sophisticated amplification technology.

NAD says the amplifier’s HybridDigital UcD output stage and high-performance Texas Instruments PCM5242 differential DAC work together to deliver exceptional detail, three-dimensionality, and dynamics.

The new amp sports a blend of retro charm and contemporary design, encapsulating the rich legacy of NAD. The aesthetic appeal is enhanced by dual VU meters, input selectors operated by push-buttons, and a cabinet adorned with a walnut-finish vinyl. Complementing the retro features is a dark grey façade featuring the original New Acoustic Dimension logo, rendered in the 1970s cursive font. 

Elevated Amplification
Using NAD's established HybridDigital UcD amplifier technology, the C 3050 offers a sustained power output of 100 watts/channel and a transient peak power rating of 135 watts/channel. Noise and distortion are minimized, regardless of the loudspeaker load. The digital section utilizes a PCM5242 high-resolution differential DAC from Texas Instruments known for its dynamic capabilities and resistance to clock jitter, thus promising faithful reproduction of digital sources with clarity, musicality, and precise soundstaging.

Made to be Modular
The C 3050 incorporates the most recent version of NAD's future-resistant Modular Design Construction, MDC2.

If you install the MDC2 BluOS-D module, you can play music from your own collection and tune into thousands of internet radio stations. Plus, with this module, the C 3050 can be part of a larger home music system that includes up to 64 different areas or zones.

The BluOS platform lets you use both Wi-Fi and wired internet to access over 20 music streaming services, including Amazon Music (Ultra HD), Deezer, Qobuz, and Tidal, which offer lossless audio. BluOS can play audio up to 24-bit/192kHz and can also decode MQA files.

Fix the Room with Dirac
The add-on MDC2 BluOS-D offers C 3050 users a solution to a common issue in many audio systems — the acoustics of the listening space. By emitting a sequence of test tones through the speakers, Dirac's potent software scrutinizes the results, formulating corrective filters to mitigate prevalent acoustic issues such as standing waves and undesired reflections.

This feature not only enhances your listening experience but also optimizes your audio system's performance.

Coming Soon
The C 3050 Stereophonic Amplifier will be available globally this month at a suggested retail price of US $1,399.00 (or CAD $1,899.00).


  • Retro design elements include front-panel VU meters, push-button input controls, 1970s cursive branding, walnut-finished vinyl-clad cabinet, and dark grey front panel
  • HybridDigital UcD amplifier
  • Continuous power: 100 watts/channel into 8/4 ohms
  • Instantaneous power: 135 watts/channel
  • Low harmonic and intermodulation distortion
  • MDC2 port for expanded functionality
  • Optional MDC2 BluOS-D module adds BluOS high-resolution multiroom music streaming and Dirac Live room correction
  • High-performance TI PCM5242 differential DAC
  • Low noise MM phono stage with infrasonic filtering circuitry
  • One optical, one coaxial digital input
  • Pre-amp out/main-in connections
  • HDMI-eARC input
  • One set of line-level analogue inputs with low-noise buffer amplifiers
  • Speaker A/Speaker B outputs
  • Subwoofer output
  • Dedicated headphone amplifier
  • IR remote control
  • 12V trigger out, IR in
  • 500Hz limited version of Dirac Live included; full bandwidth license can be purchased from