New Gear: Audio Solutions TVAM3.1A Audio Mount

It's pretty clear that TVs are going to keep getting thinner - the hot sets at CES this year were downright wraithlike, measuring mere millimeters in thickness (Bose has been bucking the trend with their Videowave, but that's another kettle of fish entirely). That doesn't leave much room for amps and speakers, so built-in audio can't help but suffer. Sure you can add a full system, but what if you're challenged for space in the first place, or looking to outfit a secondary viewing room? Audio Solutions has a new all-in-one wall mount and sound system that might fit your needs.

The TVAM3.1A is a wall-mounting system that fits sets from 40 to 60 inches in diameter, and incorportates three mid-tweeter-mid speaker arrays, using a pair of 2.5-inch drivers flanking a 19mm tweeter along with a rear-mounted 6.5-inch sub, all powered by a 120 watt class D amplifier, all for $799.99 (if you want to skip the center channel, you can get a 2.1 for $100 less.)

So if you're looking to beef up your skinny set's audio performance, you might want to investigate the Audio Solutions system.