Monster and Volkswagen Team Up For Pure Monster Sound in the Concept R Automobile

Monster doesn’t really have a stake in the automotive field, unless you take into account Noel Lee’s lineup of custom car builds, including a Bentley, Lamborghini and Ferrari show car. However, with a new collaboration with Volkswagen, the Concept R could become a Monster first: a true production vehicle.

The Golf R Estate is part of Volkswagen’s R performance series. The stock audio system was removed and replaced with Monster speakers and amplifier in a system tuned by Noel Lee himself. The system features 17 speakers and an amplifier that provides 2,600 watts of power. The car had to be modified to create the sound Lee wanted, including replacing the corner window in the A pillar with a small tweeter. The dash had to be modified to add a center speaker and speakers were added in the headrests for the driver and front passenger seats.

The sound of the Concept R is remarkably refined. Noel Lee prefers Frank Sinatra, but I got to listen to the car with Jason Grade, the custom installer from Findley Customs who built the car whose tastes tend more towards AC/DC.  “Back in Black” sounded quite impressive.  The soundstage and separation of the instruments was spot on with great detail, with the lead guitar standing out in the mix from the right side of the car, and the bass response was tight and powerful, without being overwhelming.

It’s not all about the sound either.  Noel Lee’s personal motto is etched into the rearview mirror, “Always Lead, Never Follow.”  Not a bad message in a bad-ass car.