Monitor Audio Transforms Speakers into Art

Traditional floorstanding speakers are alive and well but they’re not for everybody—especially when space is tight or décor rules the day.

Monitor Audio’s recently introduced SoundFrame line of “ultradiscreet” speakers is designed for easy integration with any interior. Three different size (and shaped) models are offered, each of which can be mounted in or on the wall and with or without a high-gloss black or white frame.

Instead of conventional (boring) grilles, you select an image from a wide ranging gallery of photos, art, and funky prints—or provide your own.

Shaped like a typical portrait, the three-way SoundFrame 1 ($799 each) is intended for front left/right and surround channels, while the elongated SoundFrame 2 ($799 each, also three-way) is designed to mate with on-wall TVs or projection screens in vertical or horizontal position. SoundFrame 3 ($399 each) is a compact 11 x 11-inch two-way design with a low-frequency limit of 75 Hz whereas the 1 and 2 are rated down to 55 Hz.

Designed for “quick and easy installation,” all models are 3.5 inches deep and feature a pivoting 1-inch tweeter with a +/-3-dB high-frequency switch. Sensitivity for all is 86 dB.

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