Mitsubishi PD-6130 Plasma HD Monitor and HD-5000A HDTV Receiver/Controller Ratings


PD-6130 Monitor / HD-5000A Controller

Build Quality: 93/95
At 135 pounds, the plasma is no lightweight
Both units sport a matching, attractive brushed-silver finish

Value: 88/87
This combo is pricey, but the controller has a lot of valuable features and connections and the monitor's performance surpasses previous large-screen plasmas

Features: 90/95
The plasma has a solid amount of connections on its own
The controller adds three tuners, FireWire, NetCommand, and more

Performance: 92/87
The plasma boasts very good black and white levels
The plasma's processing is excellent, but the controller's extra steps created some artifacts

Ergonomics: 93/98
NetCommand is a wonderfully simple user interface
The video controls are easy to access through the plasma's menu

Overall Rating: 91/91
On its own, the PD-6130 is a great plasma monitor, with good processing, detail, and black/white levels. Add the HD-5000A if you're looking for more connections and a user interface that makes your whole system easier to use.

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