Locking HDMI Cable Connectors: An Idea Whose Time Has Come

HDMI cables are advanced conduits capable of carrying high-definition audio and video signals, but HDMI connectors seem less robust. My experience with HDMI cables includes intermittent connections and connectors that don't solidly lock in place. So, when I received an email from Accell Cables regarding their new locking HDMI cable connector I decided to visit their CES exhibit.

Although the photo is out of focus, it is easy to see the "T-bar" on the connector, which rises to put pressure on the HDMI jack when it is connected then locks in place. While a typical HDMI connector takes 3-4 pounds of pressure to remove, the Accell connector requires 10-13 pounds to pull loose when connected. To disconnect, pull back the sliding purple sleeve, which releases the T-bar and remove the HDMI cable from the connector. It works easily and solves a problem with HDMI cable connections. The cables are not yet available and no price was announced.