LG Shows New webOS 3.5 Features

LG brings new features to their premium smart TVs that includes a newly designed remote control. The remote control brings fast access to your favorite streaming services and includes a button to bring up info about the current show you are watching. It also makes it possible to view 360 photos and video and record a zoomed-in image.

Last year LG showed its zoomed image feature. Users can press a button to zoom in on part of the picture to see details of what is happening in just a portion of the screen. This years improved MagicZoom takes it a step further. The new zoom feature lets users record just the zoomed-in portion of the screen. This could be handy for both TV shows and home video as you zoom in on the background of a movie you are watching. Watching a video of your child’s soccer game, you can zoom in on their face as they score their first goal.

YouTube and other sites now have a number of 360 photos and videos that transport you to a place or experience from all angles. With the use of the new remote’s onscreen pointer you can look around a 360 photo to take in the whole view. This includes viewing photos and videos you have shot with your own 360 camera.

Along with access to zoom and 360, the remote control has a few handy new features of its own. The number buttons can be programmed for direct access to up to 10 of your favorite streaming services and apps. Assign number 1 to Netflix, 2 to Hulu and so forth. WebOS 3.5 will be available this spring on all of LG’s premium smart TV models.