LG Readies Stunning 97” Wireless TV, Extends “Zero Connect” Tech to Smaller Screens

LG is extending wireless technology previewed in a 97-inch OLED TV at CES 2023 to smaller, more affordable screen sizes.

When the $30,000 OLED97M3 ships later this month it will be joined by the 77-inch OLED77M3 ($5,000), and 83-inch OLED83M ($8,000) models. While none of these Signature Series TVs come cheap, they stand alone in using wireless technology to achieve a clean minimalist installation thanks to LG’s “Zero Connect Box.”

The box (bottom left in photo) uses a proprietary wireless system to beam 4K video (up to 120 Hz) to the screen, reducing cable clutter to two AC power connections — one for the TV and one for the box — and allowing gaming consoles, disc players, and other source devices to be located away from the display. The box provides a host of connectivity options, including HDMI 2.1, USB, RF, LAN, and Bluetooth.

The sixth generation of LG’s AI-driven α9 image processor at the core of each model automatically selects the “best” picture and sound settings based on what’s onscreen and features the company’s “Brightness Booster Max” technology, which is said to significantly elevate brightness over LG’s B3 Series TVs.

Other common features include the latest generation of LG’s voice-enabled Magic Remote and webOS smart TV platform, which provides access to more than 300 free channels and “Quick Card” shortcuts that make it easier to find content you want to watch. The TVs also support Dolby Vision high dynamic range (HDR) and Dolby Atmos sound in addition to providing a Filmmaker Mode for a more purist viewing experience.

The TVs embrace high-level gaming with a 0.1 ms response rate and native 120-Hz refresh rate plus NVIDIA G-Sync compatibility with support for AMD FreeSync Premium technology and VRR (variable refresh rate), while a Game Dashboard aggregates controls in one place.

The TVs can be flush mounted or placed on a stand, which in the case of the 97M3 allows the TV to be pulled out into room (the 97M3 stand shown above is available as an extra-cost option).

LG provides a generous five-year warranty to cover the cost of replacing a faulty display panel, which includes the cost of labor in the first year. For more information, visit lg.com.

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