LG Adds $600 Smart Portable to CineBeam Series

The newest addition to LG’s CineBeam series of projectors is a versatile $600 portable that can project 16:9 Full HD images up to 120 inches (diagonal). Sorry, no 4K at this price but you do get a smart projector that’s ready to stream out of the box.

As one of the lightest (2.2 pounds) and least expensive DLP projectors in the line, the new PF510Q is super compact at 5.8 x 2.6 x 5.8 inches, making it quick and easy to create a big-screen experience in any space. Once you set up the projector, it automatically adjusts vertical keystone to ensure a geometrically correct image and provides quick access to the Disney+, Prime Video, YouTube, and Apple TV+, courtesy of LG’s webOS 22 platform and its integrated streaming apps.

Four-way zoom control is provided and brightness is rated at up to 450 ANSI lumens with contrast ratio spec’d at 150,000:1 and LED lamp life at up to 30,000 hours. Throw ratio is 1.2, which gets you a 100-inch image when the projector is placed 8.7 feet away from the screen or wall.

The mini light cannon is compatible with Apple Home devices and supports Apple streaming via AirPlay in addition to making it easy for Android users to share content on the big screen. To further simplify operation, LG provides a compact universal remote control.

The projector supports high dynamic range (HDR) with Dolby Atmos passthrough and, though it has a built-in speaker, you can opt to send sound wirelessly to one or two Bluetooth speakers. Two HDCP 2.2-compatible HDMI connections are provided along with a Type A USB port and Ethernet connector. For more information, visit lg.com