Lexicon Joins the Blu-Group

With Anchor Bay's Video Reference Series technology on board, Lexicon's new BD-30 Blu-ray player ($3499) is the first entry in that product category for the company best known for its high end pre-pros, A/V receivers, and power amps. The BD-30 plays back not only Blu-ray, DVD, and CD, but also SACD and DVD-Audio. With Profile 2.0 and BonusView, together with full support for Dolby TrueHD and DTS HD-Master Audio (internal conversion to PCM or bitstream out), plus multichannel analog outputs, it's well-armed to join the Blu-ray player wars.

Donnie's picture

Very attractive Oppo.

Tim's picture

Yup, it looks like a rebadged Oppo to me too. If you compare the back panels there is no denying the similarites. My guess is Harmon Industries didn't want to make the big investment on their own BD spinner so added some bells and whistles to a very good player. Is it $3k better? I'm skeptical.

Michael's picture

It is an Oppo - as reported by Audioholics. They got a look at the internals and found it to be identical to the Oppo minus a few upgrades and a more impressive face plate. Otherwise, its the same. I can't see this as a dea, but I suppose the Oppo ownes are smling knowing they have a "Lexicon" product minus the 7x markup.