The Kings Of Leon

On the show floor Saturday I spotted industry veteran rep and all around good guy Phil Callahan, who was nursing a bruised ego due to the pounding Notre Dame was receiving from Michigan on the football field. Being the professional he is Phil sucked it up and introduced me to new-ish client Leon speakers and its main man Jeff Gordon (not that Jeff Gordon).

According to Gordon, Ann Arbor Michigan based Leon (yes, Jeff was enjoying the game more than Phil) was the first speaker company to provide a single slim line speaker capable of performing L/C/R duties.

Leon’s new line features speakers with the depth to match a plasma TV, and has speakers that can function as either L/C/R or just a center speaker. In addition, Leon will manufacture and paint up the speaker to match any flat panel from any manufacturer and has high performance models featuring drivers from Focal and Morel.

Given that I’m one of the worst digital photographers in existence don’t take the picture above as a true testament to Leon’s aesthetic appeal.I'd have gotten close enough to offer an impression of the sound quality, but the Phish video that was playing deterred me.