Kaleidescape Unveils 96-Terabyte Movie Server — its Biggest Ever

Kaleidescape, the Silicon Valley firm that pioneered the home movie server more than two decades ago, today introduced a server that packs a mind-boggling 96 terabytes (TB) of storage space — enough to house around 1,600 high-bitrate 4K movies.

The new Terra Prime 96 TB is Kaleidescape’s highest capacity server to date and features a new board design said to enhance overall system performance while delivering faster movie downloads. The system is also hailed as the only dedicated movie server to support 2.5 Gigabit Ethernet and, like all Terra Prime servers, is equipped with an enterprise-class disk drive — the “same drive chosen by data centers for its performance and reliability.” The cost: $26,995.

The server is said to download a high-bitrate 4K movie in as little as 8 minutes and is available in a compact version that can serve up to five playback zones simultaneously and a full-size version that can serve up to 10 playback zones.

Kaleidescape also introduced a second server, the Terra Prime 72TB ($20,995), which can store about 1,200 high-bitrate 4K movies; it replaces the Terra Prime 88TB server. The series also includes a 48TB model that can hold around 800 4K movies, the compact Terra Prime HDD 22TB with enough capacity for approximately 350 4K movies, and an 8TB model that stores around 130 4K movies.

The company offers a Disc-to-Digital program to help movie lovers move beloved DVD and Blu-ray disc collections over to a Kaleidescape server so they take advantage of quick access and other server benefits without having to repurchase every movie at full price.

“Kaleidescape continues to innovate, delivering hardware improvements and frequent automatic software updates, to enrich customers’ movie-watching experience,” said Kaleidescape CEO Tayloe Stansbury. “These new servers enable customers to build robust libraries encompassing movies, TV series, and concerts with lossless audio and full reference video.”

With the increased storage capacity, Kaleidescape’s Ultimate 4K System now comes pre-loaded with every 4K title available on the Kaleidescape movie store, spread across two of the new Terra Prime 96TB servers.

For more information, visit kaleidescape.com.


Two Decades With Kaleidescape

trynberg's picture

The Kaleidescape remains an excellent product...but that price is hard to accept when I have a 34TB Plex server with the same quality for about $2k (including redundant drives for back-ups) and that includes a computer I can use for other things. And I can add another 18TB for $600 (drive+back-up drive).

Dealzguy18's picture

How do they intend to sell these at such ridiculously high prices? Storage even Flash costs next to nothing nowadays, and it’s a bit of a ripping HW, SW and GUI. So many equally good, reliable options exists for under $2K for similar setup