JVC Projects

JVC is introducing a whole new range of its DILA projectors at the show. There are six new models, three from the consumer division and three essentially identical models from the pro division. The star of the six is the DLA0RS35 (pro, $10,000), available this month. It has a claimed peak contrast ratio of 70,000:1, adds JVC's 120Hz Clear Motion Drive, and is both THX- and ISF-certified. The consumer version is the DLA-HD990, at the same price.

At the middle of the range are the RS25 and HD950 (each at $8000, 50,000:1 CR) which also includes 120Hz Clear Motion Drive and ISF and THX certification. Rounding out the line are the RS15 ($5500, $32,000:1 CR)) and HD550 ($5000, 30,000:1 CR).

Of course, if you have some spare change you can always pop for the DLA-RS4000, JVCs 4096 x 2400 premier model. With its Xenon lamp, 35,000 ANSI lumens output, claimed 10,000:1 native peak contrast ratio, multiple lense options, and suitabilioty for 12-21-foot screens, it can be yours for $175,000. Don't have any 4K program sources? The JVC RS-VP4 processor will upconvert your 2K sources to match the projector's native pixel count. While this won't equal a native 4K source, it still looked mighty impressive in JVC's press event demo. (Meridian uses this JVC chassis as the basis for its own 4K projector).